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What is Celsius HeroesEdit

Curses, disasters, invasions of monsters: a deadly shadow is disturbing the peace of the world of Acilion. At the head of a party of heroes and adventurers coming from the town of Celsius, try and discover the origin of evil and put and end to it. Heroes with clear-cut personalities, caustic humour, a captivating story and an entire world to explore... Enjoy a true old-school RPG.


  • A roleplaying game with an enthralling story which is far from formulaic.
  • Recruit, train and improve your heroes: weapons, artefacts, spells, skills, levelling...
  • Make them speak with other characters: your choices will greatly influence the story and new quests.
  • Each hero has his own personality: the composition of your team will also impact the storyline.
  • Explore huge 3D dungeons, inextricable forests, haunted mines, forgotten temples and a lot of other places: each of them corresponds to a quest.
  • • Travel in a vast world from the big map and see where your Facebook friends are playing
  • Use puzzle games to control your heroes and cast spells in combat.
  • Play with your Facebook friends: lend heroes to each other during battles, offer coins of gold and action points and help them unlocking exclusive quests
  • Play for free: in-app purchases are possible but *never* mandatory.
  • Available on all platforms: mobile, tablet, computer via Facebook, iOS, Android and soon Windows Phone, and with just one account!
  • A large dose of humor!

Watch Celsius Heroes official trailer! Edit

Celsius Heroes Official Trailer (2015)

Celsius Heroes Official Trailer (2015)

Tips and videos to get better in combatEdit

This section is for now only in French but there are many videos you can watch to improve your skills in combat. Feel free to create your own page in English or to translate the French one : Mecaniques_de_combo

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